How to Avoid Censorship and Keep Private your Internet connection

The best way to avoid censorship, avoid blocked internet services and be anonymous while using an internet connection is using a VPN, this method is called tunnelling.

What is VPN? VPN is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. It consists in connecting via your Internet Services Provider (ISP) using encrypted data to access to a machine that will provide you a fresh connection to the internet.

User machine -> ISP -> VPN  -> Internet

The data sent and received between the user and the VPN is encrypted using a file called key. That key is, lets say, a dictionary that transform the data to make it not readable for all the way from the user to the VPN, so the ISP just see estrange symbols.

In that way the Internet see the information sent and received from the VPN, so it doesn’t see the user. The only one knowing will be the VPN.

You can hire a server in internet and setup your own VPN. But probably the easiest way is to hire a VPN service already setup. There is many companies that offer VPN services and keep your data private, here I put some of the recommended ones:

- AirVPN. They offer paid account and free accounts (4-6 pound/month). Use OpenVPN. Is safe and dont store logs.
- CryptoCloud. It cost about £13 /month, but it will be cheaper if you pay few months in advance. Uses OpenVPN.
- SwissVPN. Around £4 /month. Use OpenVPN y PPTP. They have testing accounts, just to visit their web and check that you can configure your computer without having to register.
- Vpntunnel. £4 /month. Use OpenVPN. Dont store logs.
- PublicVPN. It cost around £4 /month.
- UltraVPN. Free service.
- Security Kiss. They have a free version with 300MB a day.Uses OpenVPN, and you can choose among 15 different servers. Only windows store logs of IP/connection permanently.

Beneficts of using a VPN service:

Bypass Blocking, Filtering and Monitoring

  • Access blocked websites from your office (YouTube, Flickr, gambling, blog sites, ICQ, email, chat)
  • Unrestricted access to TV streams, Radio streams and others
  • Use Skype and other VoIP even if it is blocked or distorted by your Internet Provider
  • Avoid being identified by anyone including governments
  • Access all content privately without censorship
  • Unblock all ports with no configuration
  • Unrestricted access for international users blocked by government control

Full Anonymity

  • Protect your identity online by hiding your real IP address
  • Assign your computer a new European IP address
  • Hide your online activities from your boss, children and spouse

No need to use a proxy any more

Traffic compression guarantees high-speed access to any site or service

Support for all applications on your computer – they are not aware of the tunnel

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